During difficult times, it is very natural for us to ask the question: “Where is God in all of this?”  2020 has been a hard year in so many ways, and as we prepare to celebrate a very different Christmas, we may find ourselves frustrated and tired of it all.
‘Close’ is the title of our 2020 Advent Sermon Series. We will explore the coming of God in the midst of chaos. Imagine how crazy that first Christmas was – a pregnant wife traveling for days on a donkey to end up giving birth amongst the animals in their stalls.  Then soon after birth, Mary and Joseph had to receive strangers as the shepherds came rushing in to visit and tell crazy stories about an angelic visitation.  All of this and more happened during a time of political unrest in a divided nation that ultimately forced them into exile in Egypt.  Strange as it may seem, Mary and Joseph may have actually appreciated a couple months of quiet quarantine inside of a comfortable home.
So we will celebrate once again this Advent season, because in spite of all the craziness of 2020, Christ is still coming close.

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